lock & key
It's just one of 'em this time, maybe the warden or one of his shit-eating goons, walking down the place all nervous. Think he was trying to lay low but the metallic jingling must've gave this sucker away. The set's affixed to his arm with, get this, a pair of damn handcuffs... preventive measures if I had to guess. Don't want a repeat of last month. So this guy comes to a halt outside a door across the way, 3094, off to the left but the lens in the door still catches it. For a minute straight he sifts through the ring, each clunk more nervous and haphazard than the last. Bastard is full of fear and whoever's on the other side is feeding off it. A faint click, quickly followed by the crack of wood rattling down miles of concrete; even before my vision could follow my ears caught a sickening crunch that I swear could only be bone. Eyes regain focus; door's swung outwards, bastard is crushed between it and the unforgiving wall, and just as quickly as it flung open it's whipped back shut. The girl pries the body off the concrete, now writhing and groaning in protest. It's only until after she pulls out a saw-- this rusted slab of serrations and crooked teeth-- that he starts pleading. Shrieking. She must've really liked that, only thing that gave her pause; then without further glint of hesitation saws this fucker's hand clean off. Quick, efficient, gruesome. Bastard howls. And she takes off with the ring in her clutches, bloodied wrist and all. Quickly the metallic cacophony fades into the distance, or at least it would've before the sirens started screaming. Sick of those damned things, deafening enough to drive a man out of his mind... anyways, I'm sure she didn't get far before the swarm caught up to her. They always do. I call her a lunatic, but let's be fair, I've done worse. Godspeed, you fucking lunatic.