"Close your eyes and look at the sunset." It's a gorgeous scene, really. A warm glow radiates from the horizon's edge, swirling wisps of clouds stretching back behind us as the warm reds and yellows gradually give way to the faint blue of night. Sometimes the fireflies dance all around us, their flickering specks suspended in the pleasant summer air. Other times they're replaced with swirling snowflakes in the intimate quiet of winter. No matter the season, my siblings and I are always perched atop the overlook, the expanse of beautiful sky above us and a lush valley below. Of course, the mind's eye is not often great at rendering the details. Focus struggles to grasp at such nebulous forms, and as such, the mind tends to wander. We never claimed it was a perfect mechanism. Despite this it's a place we oft find ourselves returning to, when the weight of the world against the mind proves far too great. During these moments, the inside our head is loud. Noisy. A cacophony dredged of anxious thoughts, of past regrets, and most intensely, uncertainty of the present moment. Yet in the face of it all we lie still, calmly fixated on the scene around us, letting the wind through the branches occupy our attention as best we can manage. An older sister lies her head in another's lap, who gently strokes her hair in return. Even if the physical sensation is distressingly far... we find comfort in this. If only we could, if only we could. No words are spoken. They don't need to be. Naturally the mind races on, the internal conversation will always stagger ahead. We've made our peace with this, and basking under the glow of the sunset, we remain silent. Perhaps there are more grounded ways to deal with these things, but oftentimes, the tranquility and comforting familiarity of the scene is much too alluring. It's all too beautiful... we can't help but to close our eyes and stare.